Holiday Shopping Guide

Even before I decided to become a full time artist, I was a huge fan of shopping small! I would stand in line to get in to shows featuring artists and crafters and makers of all sorts. And I have to admit, I still get excited to participate in shows and meet other makers and see their lovely handiworks. Over the years I have found more than a few makers I keep going back to for amazing gifts for myself and others. And that's why I want to share a few of those with you! 

Some of these makers have become my friends but none are paying me anything to include them in this list, and in order to give you a helpful list, I had to edit edit edit. That means that I've left out lots of makers I love, so like I said here are just a few of my favorites! Enjoy!

Bath & Body Goods

Lu La Naturals ~ fresh body scrubs, amazing face masks, and a really cool cold & flu aromatherapy for your shower

Hearth and Moon ~ Small batch herbal apothecary (I'm a big fan of the Flower Face oil!) 

Outer Wisdom Herbals ~ The Brightening Balm has saved my skin from dryness! 


Brigid KO ~ Brigid always has a new ring or pair of earrings that makes me swoon!

Gilded Bug ~ I feel like this shop always has something for everyone! I’ve definitely found some favorites, and I bet you will too.

Société Urbane ~ Modern Boho jewelry 


B Hart Art~ I love Brittany’s pottery because of its sophisticated style and handmade


Maelu ~ Ethical women's apparel hand made in India: Kaftan, Kimono, Bandanas, and more beautiful made pieces

Nooworks ~ Fun fabulous unique clothing!


Lacy Freeman ~ Custom pet portraits and colorful animals that will make you smile

Patricia FK ~ Custom watercolor paintings of your family and home

Evan Blackwell ~ Beautiful abstract artwork for sale as originals and prints


Clue Town Books ~ Atlanta puzzle scavenger hunts

Ash and Gin ~ Needlework patterns and art 

Unwind Studio ~ Crafts and Needlepoint 

Little Friends

Sunny Day Designs ~ Adorable and soft organic cotton collections for babies as well as cute patterned tea towels and more

Peach or Plum ~ Stationary and custom portraits (I'm a big fan of her honest greeting cards!) 


Appalachian Sacred Smoke ~ Hand-gathered and hand-made bundles 

Nashville Blanket Project ~ It's getting cold outside and you need a blanket! And for everyone you buy, they donate one to someone who needs it. 

Made Au Gold ~ Pretty jewelry, feminist vibes, feel good shiny things!

Have another suggestion for some great shopping this season? Add it to the comments below.  





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