How to Make a Beautiful Gallery Wall

Hey! You don't have to be an expert designer to make a beautiful gallery wall in your home. I've made many galleries in my own home simply by finding things I love and putting them together in an intentional way. Usually this means connecting pieces I've purchased from other artists with vintage finds and maybe some of my own work. Below is a little step-by-step guide to how I've used my newest series "Wandering Dunes" to create a gallery wall. I hope you will find some helpful tips in making your own! 

Step 1
Start with what you have

Gallery Wall laid out

Begin by laying out the artwork you would like to use (you don't have to use them all!). Having items and artworks of complimentary colors - not matching! - will add a cohesion to your collection once it's hung. Add dimension by using a variety of sizes, textures, and a few non-art items. Gallery walls look more interesting when you incorporate other wall art such as woven wall hangings or other items such as planters (hanging or on a shelf). Mix in a variety of frames such as wood, metal, matted, etc. with different prints paired by similar or complimentary colors. You can combine original art with prints, new and vintage frames, and wood and metal textures (in frames and shelves, etc.). Plants and softer textures nearby are always pleasing to pair with a geometric layout.

The key here is mixing a variety of color and textures that compliment each other! Start with what you like and plan your layout on the floor - you can measure it to make sure you know how it will fit!

Step 2
Hang from the Center Out
Hanging a gallery wall

If you measure your gallery wall layout on the floor first, you will have a good idea of where to begin hanging. I like to start with the largest item in the center (either center of painting centered or one edge of that painting in the center mark) and work out from there. In this example, I hung a 16x20" print of my Dunes no. 8 print in a thin white frame. I then went on to hang 8x10" matted prints on either side. Alternate orientations as you work outward from the center. Take a second to step back and look at your progress after hanging each item. You may want to make adjustments to your layout as you go. 

Start from the center with the largest piece and work out,
filling in the space you wish to cover.

Step 3
Add in what you love

Once you have the overall shape of the gallery wall looking good, add in smaller pieces of art and other items to complete the look.

I know lots of people like seeing inspirational statements on their walls - these are great additions to a gallery wall when mixed in using the above suggestions. I usually add in a house plant or two. Keep building out until it feels right to you. I like an overall shape that is uneven but you can always measure to make sure items are evenly spaced. 

It's your space, so make it what you want to see every day! 


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  • Great article!! Lovely prints!!!

    Kathryn Hosko

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