My Top Five Feel Good at Home Tips

I know we're all looking for ways to STILL be at home right now, so I put together a few of my own favorites and please share yours in the comments below! I hope you find some feel good moments!

1) Be in the Moment 

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? It looks like a maze when seen from above, but it actually has only one way in and one way out. The patterns of the circles and back and forth are dizzying when you look at it and can even feel overwhelming. Once you are in it, your path is limited and to get to the center - the destination - you must look mainly at your feet in order to follow the lines you leading you there. Attempting to rush through is when real frustration comes. 

The first time I walked a labyrinth I remember trying to just get it done. It was meant to teach me about meditation and prayer but I just wanted to finish. "I get it" I thought, let's just get it over with. But this mentality made the process miserable and I was constantly frustrated. So I slowed down and after a while, just thought about putting one foot in front of the other. My mind drifted to other things while I did this and before I knew it, I had arrived in the center. 

That experience taught me that being in the moment was the very best way to go through life. It has helped me when things are difficult and even exciting to get through and not be overwhelmed by a situation. It helps me now to focus my thoughts when it is so easy for them to feel out of control. 

Visit the Labyrinth Society to learn more about them and download a labyrinth for your own practice at home.  


2) Learn something new

I recently received some molding clay from a friend and have been having fun making a real mess! At first I thought, I'll make something really beautiful and maybe even start selling clay objects! nope. But the fact that I had to change my way of thinking (in other words, this is creative but not in my skill set) made it an activity that was good for my brain and soul. 

Learning something new means mess ups and adventure and it helps you to let go of outcome. It can be a fun way to entertain yourself when you are lacking stimulation you normally receive from the activities you are missing right now.

There are lots of places to buy art and craft supplies. For my project, I used an oven-bake clay. I liked it because clay is a mind and sensory experience and makes me feel like a kid again! Check out Michaels for a brand called Sculpey and other art supplies. They also have good coupons!

Another craft I recommend is needlepoint which you can find guidance for creating through companies like Unwind Studio. They provide kits and designs made by artists to help you create a masterpiece! You'll have fun making it and actually might like looking at it when you're done! Imagine that.

3) Cook something really really good 

Cooking is more than a creative activity although that is something that I also really love about it. Cooking is a gift to yourself and someone else if you choose to cook for them. It can be nourishing, comforting, and even exciting. 

When I'm worn out or feel bad, I think of cooking as an activity that I can do that also includes a reward at the end. 

And so you can benefit fully from this experience, slow down and take your time in the kitchen. Make something from scratch, try a new recipe, try a new spice! Even if you are eating for a purpose such as weight loss or for other health reasons, you can still try something new. 

4) Give yourself some comfort

There are many comforts we have to do without right now. For some, that may mean not seeing family, not hugging or touching as much, and not doing other things that normally provide you with a sense of love. 

We can talk to each other through many different ways, but without some of the comforts of life we are missing right now, we may not feel as warm and cozy as we would if we had them. 

There are little ways I like to do this and they seem so simple but for me, have been very effective. 

Take a bath. I love the way the water feels and when I'm in a bath filled with bubbles and good smells, I feel the sensation of being wrapped up and safe. A good bath can be a gift to yourself and can be accompanied by a good book or even a phone call to a friend or loved one (maybe not a zoom call? up to you). 

I love the Wellness Mama blog, and she has some great recipes for some life-changing baths. 

Have a cup of golden milk. Ok, I can hear my boyfriend telling me what a hippie I am right now, but seriously, have you tried this?! I think it is so delicious and the perfect way to feel cozy and relax at the end of the day. I like to have it before bedtime to unwind. 

I found lots of recipes out there for this, but I used the one on the Goop Blog. 

Comfort can be created in many other ways. Think to the last time you felt comfort. What did you see, hear, feel, and smell? Maybe it's as simple as watching a certain movie or lighting a candle. And maybe whatever you choose, is best shared with loved ones, so give them a call. 

5) Get outside

You don't have to interact with others to get sunshine! There are so many benefits to being outside including exercise, sunshine, and oxygen. 

Sunshine provides a vital nutrient to us - Vitamin D. Walk around the neighborhood early in the morning to avoid the heat - and maybe those pesky neighbors too. You'll get some sunshine, vitamins, and get your body moving which will give you a mood boost and more energy for the day. 

Breathe in fresh air! Often times I feel the air in my home is stuffy and dusty after a while. You may have high-tech air filters but nothing beats outside. If you are able, take a drive to a higher altitude where you can find cooler cleaner air during the week when many people aren't out. 


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