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I wanted to take a minute to share some of my personal space with you! I love making a home a pleasant place to be, and I believe your home says so much about you. Home is a place for me, my boyfriend, and our two dogs to live, work, and spend time together. Decorating and caring for our space is like a grounding exercise for me and helps me to get away from the chaos some of life's gray areas bring (like right now!). Sometimes I clean or rearrange or pick up something new for the house when I feel like I'm in a funk. So let me share a little of that space with you and how I'm living in it these days!

My Art Studio -

My number one priority in an art studio is lighting, so I put my painting easel and table, desk, and workspace by the window in our house with the best natural light. As long as I don't get distracted looking out the window like I always did in school, I get a lot of work done here! After a few years of working from home under my belt, I've realized a layout that works well for me. I like to have space for printing, working on the computer, and painting with wall space to hang works in progress. Seeing a series on the wall together makes me look at the big picture of how things flow together. 

My rolling cart under my desk was a Wayfair find. I love it because it moves around with me to carry paints and palettes. The window desk is actually an Ikea shelf. The desktop easel is from Dick Blick Art Supplies.

Porch -

I love spending time outside! My boyfriend made this old rusty grill into a planter we now use for herbs. Right now our porch is home to several lovely green things such as a sprouting avocado tree, oregano, mint, rosemary, lavender, and Christmas cactus. This grassy area you can see from our porch is actually a green space between our neighbors and perfect for our two dogs (who you'll meet later in this post!). Is anyone else loving the weather we're having right now? Here in Atlanta, temperatures have been cooler than usual and I am loving that so much that I can't even believe it. It would have been perfect weather for a spring festival - ok, ok, I won't go there. I'll settle for enjoying the sunshine and breeze on this porch with some icy beverage!

Cocina -

So we love Mexican food! Our kitchen decor is greatly inspired by our love of the flavors and colors of Mexico. This framed piece of "Madonna And Burrito" is one of my favorite prints from Jill Kittock a lovely illustrator I met at a Renegade Chicago show. The bird on the wall and colorful containers on the stove are handmade items I purchased on a solo trip to Portugal. 

A delicious can of Salsa de Chile Fresco reused to hold a Philodendron. We made a shelf out of an old painting done on wood. 

Living Room -


I LOVE this space! The best things happen here! Eating, Netflix, dog cuddles, quality time! In a place where I want to do all these things, it's important to me to have warm colors and cozy materials. I also love reading, so having the books next to the window makes me feel so at home. What is a home really if you're not surrounded by the things you love? No matter how much you spend on something, you can honor the priorities in your life by how you set up your space. 

In this photo, the large canvas above the couch is another work in progress but one I have lived with for a while. I love the dark green colors of it. I have started at it for a while now thinking of all the potential it has. 

Bedroom -

What would a home be without everything and everyone you love living in it? These two fur babies are our little loves. Lucy and Bastain protect us from dangers such as Amazon deliveries and help around the house by cleaning up any spilled food and snacks. Best of all, they cuddle up next to the bed at night and snore us to sleep :)

Bathroom -

I like to collect as many unique things as I can when I travel, visit thrift stores, and attend and vend at festivals. I feel so much more at home with a collection of things with meaning behind them. From locally handcrafted goods to giving a new life to an old object and mixing those in with some newer items, I love the way these things come together to make a space unique and suit your style. 

Dave's Office -

My boyfriend Dave Williamson is a professional photographer and soccer coach. His office is his space to create, edit photos and record his new podcast, From the Touchline. 

Thanks for joining me on this little tour of our home and for reading the blog! Cheers!

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