Custom Original Painting
Custom Original Painting

Custom Original Painting

Regular price $165.00

I love helping to capture a meaningful place or moment through a work of art you can cherish forever! It is my goal to make ordering a custom painting an easy and fun process and to ensure you end up with a piece you love!

Step 1: Email me your idea! Include any details you know you want (colors, size, a photo from a recent trip or a favorite place)

Step 2: Next, I will send you a custom quote along with a sample agreement. Sign and return the agreement along with a 50% deposit to secure your spot.

Step 3: Review and approve the custom plan I create for your painting. You and I will discuss edits before I proceed to painting.

Step 4: Once I am finished with your painting, I will send a photo for you to review. After any final edits are made (if needed) and your remaining balance is paid, I will ship or deliver your painting! ​Let's communicate! How long the painting takes to complete depends on the complexity of the piece and other orders I may have. I want to have a good understanding of your timelines and expectations, so we can both be on the same page.

Custom Prices:​

8x10" acrylic on canvas .....$165 
8x8" acrylic on canvas .......$165
10x10" acrylic on canvas .......$215
11x14" acrylic on canvas .......$315
14x18" acrylic on canvas .......$375
24x36" acrylic on canvas .......$615
36x36" acrylic on canvas .......$715
24x48" acrylic on canvas .......$715

*Price include domestic shipping (ask about free delivery in the Atlanta area and receive a discounted price). If you have questions about size, cost, or would like to request a size or medium not listed, please contact me!