Arabia Mountain Original Artwork
Arabia Mountain Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting - FREE SHIPPING

Arabia Mountain Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting - FREE SHIPPING

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Arabia Mountain is one of Georgia's most unique hiking, camping, and biking spots. Located in DeKalb County just half an hour outside of Atlanta, Arabia Mountain isn't actually a mountain, it's a monadnock. Monadnocks are stone protrusions rising from an otherwise flat plane in the earth. The stone surface is often covered in small islands of rain puddles, little grasses and flowers, and fungus. The surrounding forest forms a ring around the base of the monadnock. At first the barren view of this rock reminds me of an alien planet. But like many things in nature, a closer looks reveals many more signs of life and color. For what the top of this great stone lacks in tree cover, it makes up for in flora character and surface texture. You must walk and sit and stand on Arabia Mountain to understand its beauty. 

After hiking and photographing in each location, I created the "Georgia Nature and Trails" series. Growing up in Georgia, I had visited many of these spots before, but revisiting them and really taking the time to study and paint them gave them new meaning to me and a new appreciation that I was raised to appreciate my natural surroundings. This series of paintings depicts some of my favorite Georgia hiking spots including Sweetwater Creek, Arabia Mountain, and the Chattahoochee National Forest.

  • Original acrylic painting
  • Measures 14x18"
  • Canvas depth 1.5"
  • Edges painted / ready to hang

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