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About Me

In Studio


Elizabeth Lang is a painter native to Atlanta specializing in capturing the essence of nature in her art. She creates original landscapes paintings using colors she finds in the environment that inspires her. 

She founded her company, Between the Evergreens, in 2016 with the intention of bringing the peace and inspiration of nature into the spaces where we spend the most time. Her company name was inspired by the John Muir quote, “Between every two pines is a door leading to a new way of life.”

After getting a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling and working for years in the field, she decided to make a big change. Art had always called to her, but she had never dedicated her full attention to it. After her inspiration to paint trees grew, she felt called to pursue art full time. Her company’s mission is to inspire the love of trees in nature lovers by painting art that can be brought into homes and offices that inspires people to be close to the peace and love they find in being outside.

Elizabeth was originally inspired by evergreens after a visit to the Pacific Northwest. The quirky giant Douglas Firs in Oregon and the majestic misty Redwood Forest in Northern California she found to be particularly awe-inspiring, especially the way they remain constantly green in all seasons and their large congregations along the coast protecting each other and the life within. Upon coming home to Atlanta, she realized her love for trees was really just beginning. She began to work with a local organization, Trees Atlanta to learn more about her new love and study the features and characteristics that make each tree unique.

Elizabeth is a self-taught artist working mainly with acrylic and watercolor paint. She lives in Candler Park with her dog, Lucy. Unless she is painting on the trail or somewhere outside, all of her work is made from her studio located in her apartment. 


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