Custom Orders

Custom orders are currently closed, but you are welcome to email me with any questions or to be put on the list for a future date (50% deposit required). 

Custom landscape painting hanging in hallway

Sometimes you need a piece unique to you and your space! Custom art can embody a memory or a special feeling and make your home, office, or wherever you choose to hang it more cozy. It is my goal to make ordering a custom painting an easy and fun process and to ensure you end up with a piece you love.

Step 1: Email me your idea! Include any details you know you want (colors, size, a photo from a recent trip or a favorite place) and the date you would like to receive it (if you know).

A couple sitting on top of rocks in the Grand Canyon

Photo from customer for commission.

Step 2: Next, I will send you a custom quote along with a sample agreement. Sign and return the agreement along with a 50% deposit to secure your place in my schedule (I may have other custom orders ahead of yours, but I will let you know the estimated start/completion date).

An image of a plan for a custom painting

Custom plan sent to customer: acrylic painting on paper. 

Step 3: Review and approve the custom plan I create for your painting. You and I will discuss edits before I proceed to painting.

Step 4: Once I am finished with your painting, I will send a photo for you to review. After any final edits are made (if needed) and your remaining balance is paid, I will ship or deliver your painting! ​Let's communicate! How long the painting takes to complete depends on the complexity of the piece and other orders I may have. I want to have a good understanding of your timelines and expectations, so we can both be on the same page.

Custom painting of couple in Grand Canyon

Finished commission (approved by customer before shipped)

Custom landscape painting packaged for shipping to customer

Custom orders typically take up to one month, but may be completed in as little as two weeks depending on a few things: (1) The time of year the order is placed. For reference, the last quarter of the year - October, November, and December - is my busiest time of year (2) The number of custom orders I currently have in the works and how many orders are ahead of yours.

I will do my best to get a custom order done in a time frame that works for you! If I don't think I can get it done by the date you've specified, I will let you know up front before you pay anything or we start the process. Because I want to make sure you love your custom order, we may also go through one or more back and forth conversations regarding edits. Edits happen when I send you a photo of a small painting I've completed in order to show you my plan for the painting. At this point, you may request a change of color or other element. I will re-do the painting and send a photo of the new plan to you. Depending on how long it takes to receive your approval, the completion may be delayed. If you ever have questions about the delivery time or want to make sure it arrives by a certain date, please let me know

Custom orders are not eligible for return/exchange. 

Sizes & Prices

You can choose any size you like! I typically paint on stretched canvas, but you can also opt for your custom piece to be painted on paper or a wood panel. Custom orders start at $150 for an 8x10" painting. 

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