Grotto #2 Limited Edition Print

Grotto #2 Limited Edition Print

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What is it about going under the opening in a great rock that is so pleasing? Maybe it is because something that seems so unwelcoming seems to be inviting you to find a new way through.

Algarve, Portugal

All prints are made by my me using a high quality photo of my original work. Thick painting application techniques and heavy body paints make reproductions look more like the original as you can see the texture created by brushstrokes.

  • Limited edition reproduction of original acrylic painting
  • Only twenty printed
  • Printed on 8x8" white acid free paper
  • All prints signed and numbered by artist 

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*Note that slight color variations exist from screen to screen (mobile device, computer, etc.). Items may look slightly different in person than they do viewed online. This image may not be reproduced.