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Sete Cidades Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Sete Cidades Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting

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São Miguel is one of the the beautiful islands of the Açores in Portugal. Once believed to be halfway between the U.S. and Portugal, these beautiful islands seem to be a place where time moves more slowly. 

Sete Cidades is a twin lake, one blue (Lagoa Azul) and one green (Lagoa Verde). The legend is that the two lakes were formed by the tears of two lovers who could not be together. The image of these beautiful lakes reminds me of the beauty I found on São Miguel as well as this legendary story of how the lakes were formed. The Portuguese have a word "soledad" which expresses a deep longing for something. I feel this longing when I think of this beautiful part of the world. 

  • Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting
  • Dimensions 30x30"
  • Canvas depth 1.5"
  • Price includes shipping

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