My Latest Mural Inspired by the Mountains

mountain mural by artist
Recently I had the opportunity to work again with Gina Sims Designs. Gina asked me to create a mural for a new gym space they were designing, and I was elated to work with this big blank space! 
blank wall before painting mural
Here's the big wall (14x13') before getting started.
To begin, I created a plan. Just like I do with custom orders, the plan is a small painting that gives the customer the overall layout and design in order for the design to be approved or edited. 
mural plan
This is one of the first few renditions of the mural I played around with until finally landing on the colors and layout you see in the completed mural. 
For colors, I chose Behr interior paints with a satin finish so that the wall could be cleaned more easily. Using the plan I made in my studio, I chose the colors to be mixed at the store. 
mural in progress
After staring at a big blank wall and not letting myself be intimidated, I started with a light outline using a pencil. I took some measurements first to make sure the scale of the plan was translated to the scale of the wall. 
mural wall corner with mirror reflection
The final mural incorporates the colors of the design plan from Gina Sims and my vision for the piece. I love this photo with the reflection allowing the mountains to continue even further! I think this is a gym I would like to work out in.  

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  • The artwork is just amazing! It draws me right into the mountains! Such a feeling of peace and aw! Just love the colors!!! Well done!!!!
    Kathryn Hosko

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