About Me

Elizabeth Lang Home Studio Atlanta Artist

I believe the natural world brings health and wellbeing to our lives and is a necessary wildness in an often chaotic world. My goal is for my art to embody the peace, spirituality, and clarity I find in nature and hope to share with those around me.

Each painting starts with a trip, a hike, or a photograph. I like to think about the place I’m painting in terms of shapes and colors and use those elements to convey the essence I believe it holds. 

When I started Between the Evergreens in 2016, my goal was to create art inspired by nature. I began by studying trees in order to paint the features that make each one unique and that work expanded to painting mountains, cliffs, and beaches. My love of travel and hiking had added so much joy, beauty, and time for reflection to my life that I wanted to share that with others. 

My paintings are a reflection of what I see and feel when I am in a beautiful place. I believe that finding beauty is the work of the one looking, not the work of the object. In my work, I hope to convey more than a visual of a place; I hope to convey a feeling. When others connect to what I make, that inspires me to keep painting. Art doesn't always have to be for someone else, but if I can bring joy and beauty to others, I know I still have a purpose in sharing my work. 

I hope you find some inspiration through my work whether that's through purchasing a piece for your home or simply following along this journey with me. Thank you for taking the time here. 

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