Welcoming Winter & What is to Come

I have thought a lot about how to connect more to you this year. I missed so much human connection in 2020 and despite what this year brings, I hope that connection is something we can do more of! One way I hope to do that is by sharing more with you and giving you opportunities to connect to me and each other. I will be doing lots of this through Instagram and email, but also want to hear from you. Let me know now and along the way what you like to see (tutorials, etc.), how you would like to see it (video, etc.) and I will let my plan for the year evolve into what we all need!

I would like to honor the seasons and cycles of life by paying attention to what each one means to me personally and how that is reflected in my work. I will begin each month with a newsletter and blog post which will include some inspiration for the season. I am currently out of the office (I like to disconnect for my preplanning each year), so this will begin on January 11 with an email, blog post, and Instagram update. 

Winter is a great time to slow down and reflect, catch your breath, and ponder what could be. I try to spend January and February doing productive things, but I often feel the need to just rest and restore my creative and spiritual self. I used to think this meant I was wasting time. During the months things tend to be the quietest for my business, I should be working in the studio as much as possible. But in a way, I am. I have found that without rest and restoration, my mind and body cannot handle the energy it takes to do life and work well. There are several things I've learned about this season that have led me to create a plan for the upcoming months which I hope you will join me for. 

"Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished"

- Lao Tzu


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