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My Top Five Feel Good at Home Tips

I know we're all looking for ways to STILL be at home right now, so I put together a few of my own favorites and please share yours in the comments below! I hope you find some feel good moments! 1) Be in the Moment  Have you ever walked a labyrinth? It looks like a maze when seen from above, but it actually has only one way in and one way out. The patterns of the circles and back and forth are dizzying when you look at it and can even feel overwhelming. Once you are in it, your path is limited and to get to the center - the destination - you must look mainly at your feet in...

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Studio & Home Tour

I wanted to take a minute to share some of my personal space with you! I love making a home a pleasant place to be, and I believe your home says so much about you. Home is a place for me, my boyfriend, and our two dogs to live, work, and spend time together. Decorating and caring for our space is like a grounding exercise for me and helps me to get away from the chaos some of life's gray areas bring (like right now!). Sometimes I clean or rearrange or pick up something new for the house when I feel like I'm in a funk. So let me share a little of that space with you and how I'm...

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Gratitude and Change

A blank page or canvas doesn’t always feels so good. It could be exciting if you were already itching for a fresh start and knew exactly what you wanted to place upon it, but when you have fear – about where to begin, about not being good enough, about the future – a large blank space can appear to be a frightening void. Instead of seeing all the possibilities, you see all that could go wrong. Quarantine can feel that way as we navigate uncertainty and try to plan for the future.   I was recently reminded me that we all have false illusions of security. There are times when we feel more secure and imagine we know what to...

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